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Storytelling For Businesses & Community Organizations

Applied Storytelling

Bring First Person Arts’ storytelling expertise to your business or community organization! We offer customizable programs, all rooted in the power of storytelling, to empower individuals, build community, and open up dialogue around meaningful issues.

When most people hear “Applied Storytelling” or “Storytelling for Business”, their minds jump to brand awareness or some method of marketing strategy.  And while that is definitely true, First Person Arts provides more.

The “power of the personal” drive our Applied Storytelling program.   We design programs to meet your exact needs. We have used the power of storytelling to help women rediscover their voices through the Women’s Way Narrative Fellowship program,  we have worked with health care organizations to help nurses better share their experiences with patients, we have coached Comcast executives to clarify and focus their points of view and through thoughtfully curated group experiences, we have helped build a sense of community around the City of Philadelphia through finding common ground with Story Circles.

We are regularly hired as consultants by a diverse range of organizations to create customized storytelling programs, which tackle specific issues of concern to our partner communities.

Applied Storytelling brings together instructors, actors, artists, musicians, neighbors, and friends to celebrate triumph over adversity, and further our partners’ strategic initiatives creatively.

Speaking your truth

First Person Arts’ Applied Storytelling programs can take many forms — from a workshop that helps participants to make sense of trauma in their lives, to a raucous public program that celebrates life and laughter, our work always reflects the specific truths of the communities that we work with.

If you’d like to have us design an Applied Storytelling project for your group, please contact Neil Bardhan.

For a case study or client example please contact us!