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What’s your COVID Story?

People over the world are experiencing a health crisis that hasn’t been collectively experienced in hundreds of years. A viral pandemic that has put up literal dividers to a country that was already pretty divided. It can feel pretty isolating and anxiety-ridden.

First Person Arts have always been dedicated to transforming the drama of real-life into memoir and documentary art in order to foster an appreciation for our unique and shared experiences.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and that sharing our stories connects us with each other and the world. So we are launching The COVID Stories where we want to hear how you are faring as you distance yourself socially.

The Latest Prompts!

  • What’s something funny you’ve seen or experienced in the past few weeks? ​ ​Where were you? Would you have witnessed this if we weren’t in our current situation?

  • How have you stayed connected with loved ones who aren’t in your household? Maybe you’re calling your siblings more regularly or have a new weekly happy hour with old friends. 

  • The past few weeks have seen job loss, work-from-home orders, and other shifts in how we earn money. How have recent changes in society affected the work that you do?

  • Has your health or the health of a loved one been impacted by the virus itself, changes in health care systems, or by social distancing itself?

How to Share your Story?

Every 3 days, we will issue a new prompt on our website and social media platforms. These prompts can be anything from, “What are your cooking during the pandemic,” to “What has social distancing taught you about yourself that you didn’t know”. We ask that you record your 5-minute story and email it to us with the subject COVID Stories. If you have any questions, you can also email us.

* By submitting your video to First Person Arts, we agree to the terms and conditions of this organization.

How are you faring as you distance yourself socially?

Whatever you are feeling or thinking during this time, we want you to share that with us via our website. These are uncertain times and we aim to bring each us a little closer with a well-told story.

  • Are you considered an essential worker?
  • Have you quarantined by yourself or other people?  What has that been like?
  • What is the first thing you want to do when your economy opens?
  • How comfortable are you with re-entering the “world”?
  • What was the most ridiculously funny thing that happened while you were quarantining?
COVID Stories
COVID Stories
COVID Stories made possible by a generous grant from the Independence Public Media Foundation.

We appreciate you!

There are so many ways to support First Person Arts, and every one is important. Learn More

We appreciate you!

There are so many ways to support First Person Arts, and every one is important. Learn More