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What’s Your Story About Mike?

We want to hear from anyone and everyone that knows our contestants. Are you a Co-Worker? Best Friend? Second Cousin? Ex-lover? Or did you have a transcendent experience watching them tell a story at a Slam? Whoever you are we want your most joyful/hilarious/insane/petrifying story! Post it in the comments section for your chance to win one free ticket to our Summer Grand Slam Competition, July 24th at the Painted Bride. Winners will be chosen on July 19th.This contest is now closed but keep reading about our storytellers! See who won here.

Mike’s Life Story:
Mike McCarry is a 3rd generation resident of Media PA who currently works in the luxury car business on the main line. A student of English literature in College, Mike has bounced around many different fields of employment since his departure with an incomplete degree. On most summer days, you can find him coaching a semi-professional baseball team in Delaware County and performing hip-hop shows throughout the tri-state area. He’s been story slamming for 2 years now and thinks its the most effective destination for a 2nd date with a girl, maybe that’s why he is perpetually single.

Mike’s Winning StorySlam: All About My Mother (April at the Free Library)
Mike makes a strong case for his mother being the best mom in the world. But no matter how much he admires her, its hard to grow up in the shadow of Super Mom. One hot summer day Mike takes a stand to prove himself by challenging his Olympic swimmer mother in the Biggest Splash Competition. The outcome will no doubt shape his relationship with the opposite sex for the rest of his life….

Storyteller Q&A

1) What was the last thing (contest, competition, etc.) you’ve won? (not counting our StorySlam)
A forth of July day egg toss. I’m graceful and controlled with the toss and carefully considerate with the catch. Makes me a Champion.

2) The theme is Show and Tell. What was the silliest/best/coolest object you took to Show and Tell in elementary school?
I took my cat into school in my backpack. Needless to say it wasn’t the best of ideas.

3) What is unique about your storytelling style?
I really only have about 2-3 minutes of a story laid out in my head, I really count on being able to add things from the audience reception. I want it to feel like I’m telling a story to a group of friends at a party, not like a presentation or memoir reading.

4) Why should your Slam opponents be nervous about competing against you?
Because I’m the Matthew McConaughey of Story Slams, I might not have the most talent, but I’ll make up for it with a gratuitous shirt removal mid story. Pecs and Abs are way better than Plot and Characters.

5) Boring question double header- where do you live (neighborhood or town) and how old are you?
Born and Raised in the heart of Delco, Media PA to be exact. And I’m 26 going on 14.

Okay fans, here is where you get to have your say! Post away! And check out our other contestants by clicking here.

Upcoming Events
  • StorySlam: Promotions (tickets on sale NOW)
  • Date: March 26, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Venue: The Playground at the Adrienne
  • Location: 2030 Sansom Street
  • StorySlam: Laws of Nature (tickets on sale 4/8/19)
  • Date: April 30, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Venue: The Playground at the Adrienne
  • Location: 2030 Sansom Street