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What’s Your Story About Alex?

We want to hear from anyone and everyone that knows our contestants. Are you a Co-Worker? Best Friend? Second Cousin? Ex-lover? Or did you have a transcendent experience watching them tell a story at a Slam? Whoever you are we want your most joyful/hilarious/insane/petrifying story! Post it in the comments section for your chance to win one free ticket to our Summer Grand Slam Competition, July 24th at the Painted Bride. Winners will be chosen on July 19th.This contest is now closed but keep reading about our storytellers! See who won here.

Alex’s Life Story:

Alexander Kacala lives in South Philadelphia and is proud to hold the title of the only person in history to be flagged from Bob and Barbara’s. A professional Philadelphia based actor, Alex has performed at the Walnut Street Theatre, New Candlelight Theatre, Players Club of Swarthmore, The Ritz Theatre, and The Society Hill Playhouse. Also a theater educator, Alex is currently assistant directing a youth production of The Wizard of Oz and has worked at the Wallingford Elementary School and ESF Summer Camps at The Haverford School for Boys.  In his spare time, he enjoys karaoke, attempting crossword puzzles, Barbra Streisand, dancing, drinking city wide specials, and dancing while drinking city wide specials. This is for Jerri … I was a boozer, a loser, and a user.

Alex’s Winning StorySlam: Rituals (January at L’Etage)
All families and cultures have their traditions. In Alex’s family they celebrated Armenian Christmas, which included a big family breakfast before school. Every January 6th, Alex’s mother would serve a special dish packed with potent ingredients like garlic or beans. The lingering aromas consistently resulted in little Alex being shunned by classmates for stinky breath, uncontrollable farts or sweaty armpits.

1) What was the last thing (contest, competition, etc.) you’ve won? (not counting our StorySlam)
The gayest thing possible. I won a Tony Awards Prediction pool where the cast of Fiddler on the Roof competed against each other to see who could guess the most winners. I won with 17 correct guesses and I got 21 bucks.

2) The theme is Show and Tell. What was the silliest/best/coolest object you took to Show and Tell in elementary school?
Probably my extra large Tina Turner concert tee. Yet again, the gayest thing possible.

3) What is unique about your storytelling style?
My storytelling style is extremely self degrading and usually includes bad impressions of my mother’s Armenian accent.

4) Why should your Slam opponents be nervous about competing against you?
My Slam opponents should be nervous about competing against me because a) I hate to lose and b) I took a course in Anger Management but did not graduate.

5) Boring question double header- where do you live (neighborhood or town) and how old are you?
I live in South Philadelphia, in the Newbold section. I am 23 years old.

Okay fans, here is where you get to have your say! Post away! And check out our other contestants by clicking here.

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  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Venue: SouthWest CDC
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