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What Mo Inherited

The last (but definitely not least) storyteller we are featuring who will be competing in our Summer Grand Slam this Wednesday, May 25 is Mo! She won our inheritance Storyslam when she signed up last minute and told a story about the laughs she inherited and how they once stopped traffic. Watch Mo tell the whole story below AND COME OUT TO THE SLAM WEDNESDAY!!!!

Name: Mo Burroughs
Current Location (as specific as possible, please): South Philly
Slam won: Inheritance
Favorite Philly summer activity: Chillin in the various parks.
What’s your dream StorySlam theme? “Why should you rule the

Tell us a summer story in 10 words: Water ice in hand, peepin on the cheepin’ sparrows, summertime.
What’s the best story you ever heard? Uh, the best stories are not, uh, strictly speaking, fit for general consumption.  You understand.
What makes a great story? What makes a great storyteller? A great story requires relatability.  A reason for the listener to care.  A great storyteller can make the subject of the story relatable to an audience based on subtle feedback from an audience.
Why should your competitors watch their backs? They shouldn't.  I'll be winning right in front of them, where they can see me clearly. 😉

Check out our our other slammers here and don’t miss the Grand Slam!

– Laura

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