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Top FPA Podcasts of 2014

We’ve rounded up some of this year’s best tales in a countdown of the top 10 most-listened-to FPA Podcast episodes of 2014. Did your fave make the list?

Andrew_Icon#10 Choose Your Pants Wisely

Andrew plans a date that involves ice cream, a long bike ride, and culminates with a vague suggestion of sex. What could go wrong?

Bernardo#9 Dressing for an Assassination

Bernardo is deemed a suspicious man at a major historical event. The cause for suspicion? His underwear.

JarettB#8 In Search of Magic

Jarret studies abroad in Ghana where he visits a voodoo fetish market to look for the perfect magical object.

sean#7 Alone in Good Company

Sean doesn’t want to die alone, but he doesn’t want to live with anyone else either. This story won Sean the title of “Best Storyteller in Philadelphia, 2013″. The theme of the night was “Dilemma”.

Icon_Peter Aguero, Courtesy of the Artist_Web#6 Pick Your Battles

Peter Aguero‘s dad prepares him for gladiator combat with a neighborhood bully. Later in the episode, even from beyond the grave, Linda‘s mom is still able to piss her off, and more importantly, keep the family laughing.

marywebstericon#5 Proud Mom

Mary tells the story of her experience as a teenage mom and her journey to break free of shame, judgement, and feelings of being unqualified.

TrevorCassidy#4 Sexual Identity Via The Scientific Method

Trevor, a Catholic schoolboy living in what he describes as a very gay neighborhood in Denver, employs the scientific method to come to terms with, or rather “deduce”, his own sexual orientation.

Teresa M Icon#3 Confessions Of An Escort

From retail to sex work and back again, Teresa regales the audience with stories from her time as an escort.

justineicon#2 Outsmarting Google

In the throes of a bipolar manic episode, Justine travels to Seattle for a job interview with Google, and is determined to ace the corporation’s nontraditional applicant evaluations.

KatieSamson2#1 Katie’s Got Game

After a traumatic sledding accident Katie is left paralyzed, but not asexual. She wonders if she’ll ever reclaim the successful romantic career she once had. But when a sweet and charming young man invites himself into her bed, she knows she’s still got game.
Want to hear your story on the Podcast? Click here to learn how you can record your story for special consideration by our team of Podcast producers!

Join us for more stories like these LIVE in 2015 at twice monthly StorySlams! Check out the full list of upcoming Slam dates and themes here.

We’re taking a short Podcast break for the holidays, but we’ll be back next year with more stories!

FPA Podcasts are release on Tuesdays and are made possible thanks to generous support from he John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Special thanks to Philadelphia Weekly and WHYY’s NewsWorks.

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