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Salon Sneak Peak: Emily Gould

Now I have to spill my guts. I think I have a crush on Tuesday’s Salon artist, Emily Gould. Is it the florid tattoos marking her lean arms? The languid tones with which she reads a free audio chapter about love lost and cute (but stupid) dogs from her new memoir, And the Heart Says Whatever? Her defiance of the prescriptions on “women’s lit”? Mmmm… I think it’s all of the above.

My love affair with Emily started just recently, upon visiting her homepage for the first time, Emily Magazine. There I was immediately presented with an option – do I check out her blog at Powell’s Books, or, since she’s written her own book, do I check *that* out first? (For the record, for everything from blogging at Powell’s, a favorite indie book seller of some of the most die hard word nerds I know, to having written a book, my heart was immediately won. Maybe I’m just easy like that.)

Well, I picked option “Powell’s” and, jackpot, it was a blog there about putting her book out and weathering the criticism. Right away this quote stuck out: “In And the Heart Says Whatever, I didn’t hammer home my points or penitently explain which specific lessons my youth in New York has taught me, and I didn’t end the book with a triumphant feel-good story about how I’ve found true love and now I’m a yoga teacher. This seems to have worked the nerves of a lot of the online reviewers who specialize in writing about what are called ‘women’s books.'” I’m consistently offended by by the dumbed-down-everything marketed to women and the sassy, snarky swipe double whammy warmed my feminist heart.

::Now, in my best voice that says I’m trying to sell you a Sham-WOW!:: But wait, there’s more!

What’s that you say? You wish such an interesting person did more than just write books and blogs? Because it sounds like she has extra time just coming out of her ears? You want her to vlog as well?! Well today, my friends, is your lucky day indeed. She slices she dices; she blogs and she vlogs. No seriously, it wasn’t just me continuing the infomercial reference, though I do get clever points there. She really slices and dices on Cooking the Books. She also discusses books as she cooks. Well hey now lady, looks like I’m not the only one getting points for cleverness today! Check out a vlog episode below – you’ll notice I picked one where a memoir was reviewed! ::Doff of the hat to our mission statement.::

I should note: Emily is in fact so prolific that Emily Magazine links to even more blogs than I could review for you today – check out ThingsIAteThatILove and Salad for Breakfast to round out her great roster!

The reality is that not everyone is as enamored by Emily as I am. Time Out New York recently described her as “a poster child for aspirational Internet-age literati: a figure that people love- and love to hate.” I say check her out at Spilling Your Guts in person and decide for yourself. Love her or hate her, Emily Gould isn’t going anywhere.

– J. Rudy Flesher

Cooking the Books – Episode 8 – Kathryn Borel from The Awl on Vimeo.

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