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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, small and chic, who’s the featured story this week? Straight from the First Person Museum Online Gallery, this week’s featured story comes to us from Melanie in Washington D.C. Melanie’s object reflects the story of a woman who, according to Melanie, was a “feminist before the word existed.” Look into the story of a grandmother who in her 90’s regularly beat the 70-year-old men in her building at poker in this week’s story about a compact mirror that’s not just for special occasions.

Mirror, Mirror
Theme: Generation to Generation
Object Type: Always By My Side
My grandmother was a feminist before the word existed. She supported her parents and siblings through the Great Depression, and she rejected numerous marriage proposals from men offering to leave their wives for her. But she didn’t marry until she was 40–it took her that long to find the right guy. She had my dad, her only child, when she was 42. When she was in her 90s, she regularly beat all the 70-year-old men in her building at poker.

After she died, in 2004, my dad asked me to look through her costume jewelry to see if I wanted any of it. Nestled among the jewelry was her compact from the 1950s, with the image of a couple kissing in front of a waterfall. It was one of her favorite items–I remember, from when I would visit as a child, that the compact used to sit on her dressing table among her perfume bottles. And my dad tells me that, when he was a little boy, she used to put this compact in her fancy going-out purse on special occasions.

Now the compact lives in my purse. Every time I look at myself in it, I think of her and the way she lived her life. That’s something for every day, not just special occasions.

See Melanie’s official entry.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Share your story and be featured in a Museum! Upload your story today to firstpersonmuseum.org. Choose from Story Themes like, “Generation to Generation” and Object Types like, “Always By My Side.” Upload media including photos of your object or video.

Who knows? Next week’s featured story could be yours!

-Becca Jennings

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