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Memorial Mementos

A ratty old headband, a commemorative ring, military dog tags — these objects have more than just fashion sense — they also carry memories and stories for the people who wear them. Cherished objects can help us remember the loved ones we have lost. Get stylin’ with this week’s featured stories from the First Person Museum online gallery from our three storytellers Megan, Sarah and Mike whose stories all represent the reminders we wear. Check out their stories below!

Read stories by other Museum contributors or upload your own along with media including images and video at firstpersonmuseum.org. Choose from story themes like “To Remember You By” and object types including “Stuff I Wear.” Next week’s featured story could be yours!

Headband Love
Megan, Philadelphia
Theme: To Remember You By
Object Type: From Long Ago

i have a ratty old headband,
cut from an even older ratty shirt,
that my first boyfriend gave to me.
he used to wear it all the time
and i always commented on how much i liked it.
after all the hints, he finally gave it to me.
his signature look became my signature look.
sadly, a couple years later,
he was killed in a car accident.
ten years later i still have that headband
kicking around my sock drawer
and it still, faintly, smells like him.

Read Megan’s official entry.

E Familia Vires
Sarah, New York City
Theme: To Remember You By
Object Type: Stuff I wear

One day shy of All Saints Day, my uncle, my godfather passed away in 2005 to leukemia. My uncle was the core of our family, one of a kind and brought humor into every situation. He made family a priority, which in return we all did. To remember his love for family, my cousins and I had silver rings made in his memory. The inscription in the interior reads: ” E Familia Vires” translated to “in family we trust”. Our rings were fitted for our ring fingers to represent love.

I wish I could thank my uncle for all that he has done for us and for showing me what true love is.

Read Sarah’s official entry.

Untarnished Legacy
Mike, Philadelphia
Theme: To Remember You By
Object Type: Stuff I Wear

When my father passed I lost every item in his house and on his person. I was once going through some trash and noticed a dog tag (military identification tag) in a small box I was going to throw away. It was my father’s dog tag and the only item I have in his memory.

Read Mike’s official entry.

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