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Meet Stripped Stories’ Giulia Rozzi

Giulia RozziLast month, we gave you the low-down on one half of Stripped Stories, Margot Leitman. And today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Giulia Rozzi. These funny females co-host the entertaining, sex-themed storytelling show Stripped Stories monthly at the UCB Theatre in New York City. Great news is that if you’re local to Philly, the show is coming to YOU live on Saturday, November 8 at Underground Arts as a part of the 13th Annual First Person Arts Festival. Tix on sale here!

Giulia is talented in stand-up, improv, and writing – what we call a real triple threat! With appearances on MTV, VH1, CNN, and Jimmy Kimmel, Giulia has cracked people up all over the country. She has performed her own solo shows: Stupid Foreigners, and Bad Bride, which is currently running at the UCB Theatre. Not to mention, she put her hilarious writing into MTV’s Girl Code and Silent Library (rumor has it one of her ideas had Snooki vomiting). But no matter what outlet she seems to use, Giulia’s humor is always up-close & personal, hysterical, and right on time.

AG: What excites you most about performing at the FPA Festival this November?
GR: I love performing in other cities and have always had a blast performing with FPA in Philly, great crowds!

AG: What is your favorite part of working on such an up-close and personal show like Stripped Stories?
GR: I love the honesty and openness of the show, I think it really inspires others to be more open and honest and gives us all the chance to laugh at ourselves. It’s very cathartic for the performers and the audience.

AG: What is the most awkward thing that has ever happened to you on stage?
GR: I performed for a group of nudists, the audience was naked, I opted to keep my clothes on. I was told to not be obvious and look at people’d private parts but it was really hard (pun intended) to do so. I was so distracted I ended up tripping and falling as I exited the stage, hit a table, ripped open my tights and then had 5 naked people run up to me and ask “are you ok?”

AG: Have you ever gotten nervous about sharing one of your own sex stories?
GR: Yes, if it’s a new story and as I’m telling it I’m like “oh wow, I don’t think I want to share THIS much info.” But we attract such open minded awesome fans that I always feel supported and never judged.

AG: What’s one word that describes your experience losing your virginity?
GR: Urgent

AG: What’s your opinion about online dating?
GR: I don’t have much experience except for joining and quitting Tinder a bunch of times this year. I have nothing against it, just for me it felt like another another time suck app on my phone so whenever I found myself distracted by swiping I removed the app.

AG: I know you have experience teaching storytelling. What advice can you give those looking to improve their techniques?
GR: Practice and be fearless.

AG: This is our 13th Annual FPA Fest. In honor of that, could you share a sexy story with us in 13 words?
GR: I had a guy go down on me so good I almost fainted.

13 words is all you need.


Be sure to grab your tix now to see Giulia in Stripped Stories this November! FPA members receive a 20% dicsount on tickets. For more information about becoming an FPA supporter, click here.

– Alyssa Guckin, Marketing Intern

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