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Meet RISK! Storyteller, Alexander!


Name: Alexander Kacala
Age: 27
Location: Fishtown, Philadelphia

Q: What’s the “riskiest” thing you’ve ever done in public? (Besides performing in RISK…?)

A: Eat Buffalo wings. If you have seen me eat wings, you would know why this is RISKY. Especially on a first date. #messy

Q: RISK is all about bold, fierce, and uncensored storytelling. Where is the last place you would be caught dead telling the tale you’re going to perform on 4/11 at Underground Arts and why?

A: Probably to a room full of people drinking. Or maybe a room full of sober people. I am not sure who I would offend more.

Q: Who is your performer/storytelling idol and why?

A: This is tough. I would say Sandra Bernhard. There is something very raw about her performance. Raw and real yet perfectly curated.

Q: FPA’s mission is to transform the drama of real life into memoir and documentary art. What would chapter 6 of your memoir be called?

A: “Adult Diapers Never Looked So Trendy”

Q: What makes you a good storyteller?

A: My shimmy abilities. Lightning fast and quite compelling.

See Alexander perform in RISK! led by Kevin Allison of MTV’s The State on 4/11 at Underground Arts. Tix on sale here. For a limited time: Get your tix to RISK! + Grand Slam and SAVE! More info/buy here.

Upcoming Events
  • StorySlam: Windfall
  • Date: August 27, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Venue: CSZ Philadelphia
  • Location: 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107