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Meet Grand Slam Judge Chris Lundy!

Since his first First Person Arts StorySlam, Chris has been slinging stories that were instant favorites with FPA audiences. From tales of childhood fights, to fast food obsessions, to past career triumphs and missteps, story-lovers voted him “Audience Favorite” again and again.

We liked him so much, we even made him an official StorySlam host! The feeling was mutual, and Chris joined as a First Person Arts member in December 2015.

Now, we’re excited to have Chris help us crown the “Best Storyteller in Philadelphia” at this Thursday’s Season 16 Grand Slam! {{TICKETS ON SALE HERE}}


FPA: At your first-ever StorySlam, you won the title of “Audience Favorite”. You’ve gone on to win “Audience Favorite” several times since, have competed in a Grand Slam, and have become a regular StorySlam host.

What would you like to say to our two “Audience Favorites” who have earned a spot in the Grand Slam lineup this season, Mister and Lisa?

CL: The long way around still got you here! You’re with the best of the best now. Deliver tonight and everyone will see why.

FPA: What would you say are the three most important elements to a good story?

CL: 1) Consistency throughout the story. 2) Relatability. 3) Passion.

FPA: A good story isn’t just about content, it’s also about presentation. What can a storyteller do to make his/her story resonate with you as one of our official Grand Slam judges?

CL: Find the human element. If I can connect the emotional dots, I’ll be able to relate regardless of subject matter.

FPA: So, you’ve talked about some of the “do’s” of storytelling. Are there any “don’ts” in storytelling for you?

CL: Don’t ramble. Tell well-formed story. Don’t disregard the time limit. That’s important.

FPA: If a storyteller wants to suck up to you at the Grand Slam, what is your drink of choice?

CL: Bourbon on the rocks. Bulleit if they reeeaally want to suck up.

FPA: Will you be using decimals in your story scoring on Thursday?

CL: Reluctantly, yes. But these are the best storytellers around! I expect the margins will be paper thin.

FPA: This year marks First Person Arts’ 15th Anniversary. Tell us your own story on the Grand Slam theme of “Where I Come From” in 15 words!

CL: Take a pan. Toss in Haiti, Brooklyn, and the D.C. area. Then bake.

FPA: Any final words of advice for this season’s Grand Slam contestants?

CL: Don’t just retell your story. RELIVE your story. Out loud and in front of the audience.

16th Season First Person Arts Grand Slam
DATE: Thursday, May 12
TIMES: Doors at 7PM, Show at 8PM
LOCATION: World Cafe Live
TIX: $17-22 | BUY

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