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Meet Our ‘Baddest’ Festival Artist



David Crabb makes being bad look so dang good. His acclaimed one man show, Bad Kid, is a hilarious and harrowing tale about growing up gay and goth in Texas–making friends who he paints as “superheroes going to a funeral”, and experimenting with substances, both controlled and otherwise. The performance has been such a hit, that Harper Collins asked Crabb to adapt it into a book, which was published this year, and has been spotted in the hands of such celebrities as Kelly Osbourne.

David is also a Moth StorySLAM host and winner (so you know he has serious storytelling skills), and The Wall Street Journal praised him as a performer capable of guiding a crowd “from belly laughs to pin-drop silence.”

Grab your Bad Kid tickets here!

FPA: What’s the “baddest” thing this bad kid has ever done?

DC: Ask the IRS. No but really, our relationship is healing. Sallie May, however… That’s another story. As a kid there are just too many indecent acts to count. It’s all in the Bad Kid memoir. (See what I did there?) The answer more than likely relates to some household cleaning product I ingested.

FPA: What’s a can’t miss goth accessory?

DC: A dark & mysterious cloud of sexy solitude… or lonely horniness. Either one works. And an ankh. Every good bad kid needs an ankh.

FPA: Tell us about your time in Australia hosting for the Moth. How does it compare to small town Texas?

DC: Strangely, there’s a very similar “wide open frontier” feeling about Australia, minus the guns. Australia’s coffee is excellent and their city birds put america’s to shame. We have pigeons. They have fabulous, screeching, golden cockatoos that sound like high-drama drag queens who’ve lost their purses.

FPA: We saw from Facebook that Kelly Osbourne, herself, is reading your book. Who else would you love to see Bad Kid in the hands of?

DC: Speaking of drag queens, I would love RuPaul to read the book. Goth and Nuwave kids wear/wore their own sort of drag. I really feel like they’re the clowns of the alternative kids in that sense. I think Ru would appreciate that. I’d love erasure’s Andy Bell & Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant to read it, as the book references their music a lot. I’d love Morrissey to check it out, only to read his deliciously nasty review of it afterward. I’m sure he’d hate it. Hating things seems like it’s sort of his job now.

FPA: This is our 14th Annual Festival. In honor of that, give us a 14-word story!

DC: At 14 I was serenaded with Mariah Carey by the “Ariel” at SeaWorld.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Grab your tickets!


DATE Friday, Nov. 13
TIME Doors at 8:30PM, Show at 9PM
LOCATION Christ Church Neighborhood House (20 North American St., Philadelphia)
    Before Oct. 23: $13
    After Oct. 23: $15
    FPA Members: $12


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