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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Here’s our latest featured StorySlammer! Don’t miss all of our wonderful contestants compete in our Fall Grand Slam and Soiree! on November 10!

Aaron won our hearts when he won our Criminal Intent StorySlam when he told us a humorous and really embarrassing story about, well, in his own words, “involuntary public nudity while defecating.” Watch Aaron perform his story below.

You can also read up on our previously featured winners here.

Name: Aaron Stella
Age: 25
Location: Philadelphia (Newbold Area)
Slam won: Criminal Intent

What was the last thing you won (story slam not included)? A laptop computer at a raffle.

In honor of FPA’s 10 year anniversary in 2011 – Tell us a story in 10 words. Went to the park, killed a bird, and ate it.

What would your dream theme be for a StorySlam? What story would you tell? Cults. I would tell the story about my life living in a crazy Christian cult in Georgia.

Who do you know that tells the worst (or best) stories? My friends Gavin McMonigle, Andrew Thompson (previous Storyslam winner) and Ryan Briggs tell the best stories.

Why are you a good storyteller? (aka why should your competitors be scared?) Because I wear thongs. Because I drink whiskey. Because I cry to cathartic, frenetic, anime. Because I use my hands to accent my images. Be afraid. My hands are comin’. (Not in the bedroom fondler sort of way)

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