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Jeanne’s Podcast Pick of the Week

Jeanne’s Podcast Pick is a weekly First Person Arts blog post that lets Jeanne, the Marketing Intern, share with you a recent story that has sparked her interest from the World Wide Interwebs. Please feel free to comment if you are moved to do so!

I find stories of escape incredibly stimulating. Often times an escape story showcases an underdog or an outcast who has all the odds against him. In a successful escape, the outcast prevails in spite of the preconceived notion that he lacks the intelligence and ability to do so. This idea of this hidden creativity and tact is fascinating to me.
The union of improbability and creativity makes for outlandish circumstances. Because of the nature of escape these circumstances can be as equally surprising in non-fiction as in fiction. Thus forms the suspense, wonder and excitement of the escape stories heard in this Podcast Pick of the Week!
Radio Lab highlighted this intriguing theme of Escape! We hear about a modern day Harry Houdini who has broken out of jail more times than anyone else alive; a story about a perpetual cosmic cycle; and about a man who embraced a high pitched noise from which he could not escape.
“Tired of the everyday routine? Ever dream of a life of romantic adventure?…”
My Podcast Pick: Escape!
Jeanne Lyons
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  • StorySlam: Laws of Nature (tickets on sale 4/8/19)
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