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“Home for the Holidays” StorySlam Showcases Both Warm and Cold of the Season

“I have so many stories and so many adventures that unfolded in December,” said storyteller Bernardo at Friday’s First Person Arts StorySlam at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “That was my time to get my life back and go check out the world.”

Bernardo was one of seven stellar participants who regaled a rapt audience with stories relating to the night’s theme, “Home for the Holidays.” As Bernardo points out, the holiday season is always ripe with tales to tell. While every story told was unique, they all converged on some central themes of the holiday season: family, love, change, and, often, disaster.

Bernardo himself had a variety of holiday hijinks to recount, including memories of his father. Host Storyteller Martha spoke about a hilarious incident and the resulting cast on her hand that she dreaded showing to her family. David told the story of a successful, but nerve-wracking, Christmas-themed date. Kitty revealed the darker side of the holiday season with her experience as part of a child recovery mission. Liz, a self-identified gift-snooper, recalls her childhood attempts at Christmas morning restraint. Finally, Dan spoke about the Irish and Polish sides of his family and their unique traditions.

Winning Storyteller Bill earned the honor by recounting a Christmas spent away from his family, stationed in California as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. He had begun making presents as early as June, putting special care into a homemade box for his “true love” Bonnie – slide open the secret panels, he told the audience, and the box revealed a hidden love note.

When Bill found out he wasn’t allowed to return home for the holidays, he was initially crushed. “I was the first member of the family, since the family started, that wasn’t going to make it home for Christmas. It was a disgrace,” he said.

But, in the true spirit of Friday’s theme, Bill managed to find a sense of home anyway. Watch the video of his performance to find out how he did it. Congratulations Bill!

Winning and Audience Favorite Storyteller, Bill

Stories always tend to come out this time of year. We’re grateful that some of the best were shared on Friday night.

Special thanks to everyone who participated or listened to Friday’s engaging stories. The next Slam is on Monday, January 14th at World Life Cafe. The theme is “Second Chances.” For more information about these and other Slams, check out storyslams.firstpersonarts.org.

– Abby Holtzman, Marketing Intern

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