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Hidden Talents: Beating the Stutter

UPDATE: The post below occasioned some discussion at a Stuttering.me, a blog dedicated to self-help for those who suffer from a stutter.  The gist of the criticism is that the story depends on the assumption that “stuttering is a problem of fear, [and] therefore a psychological condition that is most prevalent in people of weak character.”  It’s a compelling commentary and an education for those who, like me, have never lingered over the sources and treatment of stuttering.  I encourage you to read the post.


I don’t think I can keep this story from first-time slammer, Elizabeth, under wraps until Mother’s Day (Public Service: May 10th, this year).  It’s one of the nicer mother-daughter stories I think I’ve seen anywhere:

The next StorySlam is March 24th, and the theme is “On My Street.”  Fortunately, you’ll be able to get a little stoop or porch-sitting in between now and then.  Keep an eye out for good stories!

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  • StorySlam: Alter Ego
  • Date: October 23, 2018
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