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Blair: Weirdo Magnet and Cat Hater

We accept all kinds here at First Person Arts, and Blair is no exception. She had us all laughing at the L’Etage slam on the 28th her “Guilty Pleasures” themed story. She regaled us with her animated story of Chris, the random guy on the subway who hits on her every time he sees her and then forgets they ever met. Each time she sees Chris on her long ride into the city, he says or does something often offensive and always unpredictable, which Blair related with hilarity at the Slam. So how is this a pleasurable experience for Blair? Don’t worry, she explains everything.

Watch Blair’s video here.

Blair had tough competition, though, from Audience Favorite Kairol, who answered the “Guilty Pleasure” theme with her own story. Kairol yelled “Chuck D has cancer!” into the mic, mimicking the glee she had experienced years ago when she thought Chuck D’s plight would guarantee her an interview with him for her book about folks battling cancer in their 20s.She felt guilty for jumping up and down at the thought of someone having cancer, but wouldn’t you? Face to face with Chuck D!

Watch Kairol’s video here

Blair and Kairol had to battle it out to break the tie and they were allotted only a few minutes to come up with a story based on the audience-elected theme of… Cats. Blair won us over as she detailed the mutual antipathy between her and felines, but both storytellers impressed us with their on-the-fly artistry.

Watch Blair and Kairol’s Story-off here

Sick of seeing all these good times on video? Come hear bona fide stories in person at our next slam—September 10, 8:30 p.m. World Café Live. The theme is, “Schooled.” Click here to get all the details.

-Katie Linton, Marketing Intern


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  • StorySlam: Windfall
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