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A Magical Typewriter Adventure

Every week we’ve been featuring a story from the First Person Museum Online Gallery on the First Person blog. In this week’s tale, a lucky curbside find meets writer’s block remedy. Read up on how a “fledgling wordsmith” took writing BACK from the computer in “A Magical Typewriter Adventure” uploaded by Rae from Philly.

Rae is no stranger to First Person Arts. As a frequent StorySlammer, Rae takes her storytelling skills from the page to the stage and has earned titles of both “StorySlam Winner” and “Audience Favorite.” Rae also performed at Queer Memoir: Sticks and Stones this past July. Hear the story that named Rae “Audience Favorite” in the video below.

A Magical Typewriter Adventure
Theme: Empowered
Object Type: Lost or Found

“As a writer, I — among many others, I’m sure — often find myself mired in “writer’s block.” Like most young, fledgling wordsmiths, I had been using a computer and word processing software to compose, or attempt to compose, my masterpieces.

Once completely sucked into the bog of writer’s block, my wandering, multitasking, young ADD-generation mind would, like some kind of subliminal psychological experiment, move the mouse, click on Mozilla Firefox and ouila! I’d suddenly find myself awakening from a three-hour-long Facebook coma. My word document would still be stark and mocking, my deadline one day closer, my self-loathing brimming over the top — but hey, at least I knew that that my friend’s mom just baked a loaf of her special banana nut bread. Sigh.

One afternoon I was lamenting my dilemma to a friend. Fatty B is an old fashioned fellow and a writer as well. He suggested that I start using a typewriter. “We gotta take writing BACK from the computer!”

It sounded like fine idea, but as a writer — and an unpublished, unnoticed, and unpaid one at that — I had zero money for one. Still, I really liked the idea.

One morning, after a beautiful breakfast with my friends from home who were in town, I’d seen them off and I was walking to my writing space. I was pensive and yearning quietly in my mind for a way to make my writing work. I needed something…

…and there it was. On the curb was my Smith-Corona Spellmate 700 typewriter with a sticker on it that said “works.” If that’s not a sign to keep writing, I don’t know what it is! I couldn’t believe it! I scooped it up, took it to my writing space, and I’ve not gone back to a computer since.”

See Rae’s official entry.

Do YOU have a story about an object that carries special meaning in your life? Share your story and be featured in a Museum! Upload YOUR story to firstpersonmuseum.org. Choose from story themes like, “Cautionary Tale” or “Generation to Generation” and object types including, “From Far Away” and “My Wheels.” Upload media including photos and video of your object. We look forward to your stories!

-Becca Jennings

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