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Microphone_credit Jen Cleary

Thanks for being a storyteller!
We’re looking for personal stories on the following themes:

Share your stories of courage, trauma, struggle, pride, and more. We want to hear experiences from or about military vets.

Setting the Record Straight
Sometimes the media, our families, our communities, or history books can get a story wrong. Newly discovered information can also drastically change a narrative. Tell us about a time you had to correct an account, or confess the truth in your own life.

Gender Identity
Do you or a loved one identify outside of a gender binary? Tell us about an event in your own life where your gender identity was celebrated, demeaned, discovered, ignored, respected, or appreciated.

Did you choose to have a child, or not to become a parent? Was your pregnancy planned or unplanned? Did you decide to have an abortion, or put a child up for adoption? Were you adopted as a child? Did you choose to go looking for your birth parents? Tell us about the choices you’ve made, and the impact they’ve had on your life.

Putting the “Fun” back in “Funeral”
Did you show up at the wrong funeral? Did grandma’s ashes get blown off course by the wind? Tell us about your light-hearted experience that puts the “fun” back in “funeral.”

Tell us a story about the mothers and daughters in your life, even if that’s you!

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Upcoming Events
  • Once More with Feeling
  • Date: January 16, 2018
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Venue: Fringe Arts Building
  • Location: 140 N Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Ex-Files
  • Date: February 14, 2018
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Venue: Punch Line Philly
  • Location: 33 E Laurel St, Philadelphia, PA 19123